Your guide as Guernsey and Jersey prepare for the battle of the Centenary Siam Cup 2021


The agreement between the two clubs states that Jersey can only have a maximum of five professionals and that they must each have accumulated three years of residence on the island.

Jersey has named its team which includes four professionals, but three do not have a three-year residency.

Guernsey admitted he was disappointed but Jersey insists they are players who have played for Jersey Reds Athletic this season and will use him as a path to the first team.

The four professionals who will start tomorrow include Harry Doolan, Will Lane and Max Ayling – both of whom have played for Athletic this term – and Bader Pretorius who has been loaned to National One.

The full lineup is made up of Thomas, Doolan, Wilson, Spencer, Ayling, Alexander, Corson, Willmott, Lane, Pretorius, Rogers, Harman, McClurg, Boarer, Hubert.

Replacements: Pitcher, Davies, Berresford, Hosty, Edwards, Mayo, Harrington.

Guernsey meanwhile have eight players set for their Siam Cup debut and five more could make their first Siam appearance from the bench.

The Guernsey team news for Saturday’s contest is Bellingham, Ceillam, Pinkney, Hillier, Webb, Culverhouse, Rice, Horrocks; Simmonds, Thomas, Roberts, Smith, M Armstrong, A Armstrong, Davies.

Replacements: Charlie Currie, Dan Morgan, James Burger, Dale Rutledge, Dan Rice, Joe Andresen.

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