Would you buy a Colin Kaepernick NFL jersey?


The latest jersey sales reveal that Colin Kaepernick owns one of the best-selling jerseys in the NFL. Would you buy one?

The latest results are from the NFLPA giving totals for the league’s top 50 jersey sellers and there’s a major surprise at No. 39: Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick being listed in the top 50 is very surprising for several reasons. First off, Kaepernick just hasn’t been a very good or exciting football player for quite some time, at least on the pitch. It’s one thing to agree (or disagree) with one’s political or cultural positions, but the reality is that most shirts are sold because that player is exciting to watch. Not at all the case for Kaepernick at this point; it’s just all about what happens off the field. It’s a compelling sales story.

Second, as Peter Schrager mentions, Kaepernick doesn’t even have a team at this point. There’s not a single fan base that should feel all-in, so to speak, about the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. That means there’s a large following of general fans who are interested in who Kaepernick is and what he says and does in society – enough to buy a jersey that they know will be aged when or if. the quarterback signs with another team.

Third, the moment is funny. Kaepernick’s watch may be looking hot now, wondering if he’ll sign with the Baltimore Ravens or another team, but even more eyes were on him in the past when he first took a knee during the anthem. Kaepernick has been unemployed for some time. It seems like an interesting time for Kaepernick to suddenly find such fan approval.

Then again, as many fans buy his shirt, there will be those on the other side who use their voice to denounce his future signing (if that happens), and who would certainly never buy a shirt.

Last week, Chiefs team owner Clark Hunt said he would be fine with bringing Kaepernick to the Chiefs if that’s what his front office and head coach want. “As for a player like Colin, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring him into the organization,” Hunt said.

What do you think? Would a Kaepernick jersey interest you one day? Do you see the draw? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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