Who is running for governor of New Jersey?



New Jersey voters have a choice of five candidates, and their running mates, to lead the state for the next four years. However, the two main contenders are the holder Democratic Governor Phil Murphy and Republican Jack Ciattarelli.

Governor Murphy will be defend its record in a state that rarely re-elects Democratic governors. His main challenger, former State Assembly member Ciattarelli, hopes voters won’t associate him with former President Trump who lost the state by nearly 16 points.

Election day is November 2, 2021 but for the first time, voters can vote earlier. Legislation enacted in March opened a nine-day early voting period for New Jersey voters statewide until October 31.

Who are the candidates for governor of New Jersey in 2021?

New Jersey residents can choose one of five common tickets, Governor and Lieutenant Governor, from the Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian or Socialist Workers’ Party. The latest Emerson College poll puts the distance between the party’s two main candidates at just four points.

Democrat Ticket

Governor Phil Murphy is running again with Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver in 2021. During his first term New Jersey took a more gradual turn with tax hikes on the wealthy that were directed towards K-12 education, childcare, tuition-free college, and government employee pensions. He has promised that he will no longer raise taxes in his second term if he is re-elected.

Some of Murphy’s major accomplishments over the past four years include increase the minimum wage which will gradually increase to $ 15 in 2024. It expanded access to voting, this year, New Jersey will have early voting for the first time. Those with limited means can now attend community college tuition for free.

He is attacked by some of his opponents for his management of the covid-19 pandemic, although a majority of New Jerseyites have a favorable opinion on the measures taken to combat the pandemic. Currently school and daycare The mask’s mandate in effect for children as young as two years old is drawing a lot of criticism.

republican ticket

Jack Ciattarelli, a former state assembly member for six years, shares the GOP ticket with former state senator Diane Allen. Ciattarelli has focused much of his campaign on high taxes in New Jersey, one of the biggest problems for residents of the state. If he is elected, he says he will lower a number of taxes, mainly the state property tax. It would do this by reforming the funding formula for state schools and the way the state allocates aid to districts.

He would also do lower income taxes for the poorest and the richest, by exempting those who earn less than $ 20,000 and by reducing by 30% the amount paid by the highest incomes. Ciattarelli would also have reduce the tax burden on small businesses and corporations.

Ciattarelli would take a harsher stance on immigration pledging to end the state’s so-called “sanctuary” policies for undocumented migrants. He says he supports the right to abortion but would ban abortions after 20 weeks. It supports vaccination but opposes the mask and vaccination warrants.

For an overview of the differences between the two main candidates on a series of questions, NJ.com examines the issues one by one.

Green Party Ticket

Madelyn R Hoffman is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Speaking at Hudson County Community College. She is running for governor with Heather Warburton as candidate for lieutenant. governor. They support the adoption of a Green New Deal in New Jersey. In addition, they support public college tuition-free for New Jersey students and end the imprisonment of young people in the state.

Libertarian ticket

Top board of Gregg Mele’s website for governor ends lockdowns even though New Jersey has largely ended covid-19 restrictions. However, the libertarian candidate challenges Governor Murphy’s mask mandate in daycares and schools which is in place since children under 12 cannot yet be vaccinated. Eveline Brownstein, a human resources professional, joins him on the libertarian ticket.

Melé too calls for a reduction in the tax burden for residents and businesses causing a “mass exodus” from the state. Its platform includes calls to freedom of choice in education, health and fight against climate change by unleashing American innovation. In addition, it calls for release all prisoners currently detained for possession of marijuana.

Socialist Workers Party Ticket

The candidate of the Socialist Workers’ Party, Joanne Kunian, currently works as a deli at Walmart, but has worked in petroleum refineries and in the meat packaging industry. His running mate Vivian Sahner also works at Walmart, but previously worked at a union auto factory, as Patch reported. Their main platform is equality at work and workers’ rights, including reduction of the working week without reduction in pay and more security for workers. They also support women’s rights to family planning services as good as put an end to police brutality and anti-Semitic attacks.



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