WATCH: USWNT legend Carli Lloyd emotionally hands No 10 jersey to Lindsey Horan



Carli Lloyd has been a phenomenal footballer since her debut. . She played as a striker or a midfielder. Play for NJ / NY Gotham FC in the National Women’s Football League and the National Team; she is also the highest paid female football player in the world.


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Recently, FIFA’s two-time player of the year recently said goodbye to the sport. On October 6, 2021, she played her last game against Washington Spirits which ended in a 0-0 draw. The star was seen emotional and nostalgic as she said goodbye.


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On Saturday, the USWNT star passed on his iconic No.10 jersey to teammate Lindsey Horan.

“Keep rocking” – Carli Lloyd hands the jersey to Horan

The emotional video was posted on the official USWNT page. The video described how, even though the skies were clear, tears really stood out in Minnesota.

Clear skies today in Minnesota, but we still have a little fog ”, noted the video.

Lloyd was captured handing the jersey to Horan. It was an emotional moment for both of them.

Meanwhile, Horan expressed his gratitude to the retired sportsman legend. Lloyd encouraged his fellow footballer to continue.

Oh man, thank you very much“said Horan, hugging himself.

Keep rocking it! “ Carli replied.

The scene was indeed moving. Carli had tears running down her cheeks but covered them with her charming smile.

Horan admires Lloyd and is the game’s current attacking midfielder. Hopefully she will add glory to the jersey with her superb performances coming up. Lloyd herself is extremely honored to pass this jersey on to Horan and hopes she will wear it with pride.

Fans may soon see Lloyd playing golf

Star footballer Lloyd retired from professional football in September. She will now spend more time with her family, especially with her husband. Brian, her husband, was supportive and understanding throughout his footballing life.

We will all have a lot more time to spend together now, and especially with my husband Brian, who has been my rock and my biggest support system for all these years ”, Lloyd said.


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Carli is delighted to start this new life and to focus on her family. But she also speaks of another outlet to follow her competitive spirit. The next sport she chooses could therefore be golf.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – Soccer Football – Women – Bronze Medal Match – Australia v United States – Ibaraki Kashima Stadium, Ibaraki, Japan – August 5, 2021. Carli Lloyd of the United States scores her fourth goal REUTERS / Henry Romero

“We are both eager to start this next chapter of our lives without my daily work of training and playing, but I will probably need another outlet for my competitiveness!” Maybe it will be golf?Lloyd added.


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It will be interesting to see the soccer champion indulge in a different sport. With Lloyd’s determination in mind, she might just be successful.


‘Wear it with pride’: Carli Lloyd reveals who gets her iconic USWNT number 10

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