Top New Jersey Family Christmas Attractions


If you’re looking for something awesome to do with the kids this holiday season, we might have found it for you. It’s an awesome trip to a classic movie and could be your family’s next holiday season tradition. And you never have to leave the Garden State to experience it.

The New Jersey Christmas attraction I’m talking about is the incredible Whippany Polar Express Train Ride (which is about an hour away). It’s awesome, and they do a really good job of making kids of all ages feel like they’ve stepped right into the movie.

Lou Russo, Townsquare Media

The kids on our train ride were mesmerized by everything from singing and reading books to lights and sounds and everything in between. And of course the whole song and the hot chocolate experience was really awesome too.

Here is something you will remember parents. Get there early, because if you don’t have a parking space in the main car park you have to walk a bit to the train, and in cold weather it can be a ‘trip’ with the kids just to get to the train. . But there are plenty of parking spaces.

It just seems like after all we’ve been through, kids of all ages really need to get caught up in the spirit of the season and enjoy the blessings we have. And smiling and cheering the kids on is a great way to start.

Book your ride now on the Whippany Polar Express train ride and Merry Christmas!

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More details and locations will be added as the holiday season progresses, so check back often for updates. Shopping centers are listed in alphabetical order.

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