Tide calls on Peyton Manning for NFL Jersey Swap campaign


Tide posted a new spot on Monday featuring Peyton Manning in the next iteration of their NFL Clean Jersey Swap initiative.

The spot, produced by Woven, Procter & Gamble’s dedicated agency within the Saatchi & Saatchi network, features the former NFL star quarterback delivering game-worn jerseys to other NFL players as a social distance remote control robot.

The campaign and partnership is promoting the launch of Tide Hygienic Clean, a new deep cleaning detergent from the fabric care brand, while keeping the NFL Jersey Swap alive in a tough year.

As is the tradition in normal season, NFL players exchange their worn jerseys after playing against each other as a sign of respect and sportsmanship. But that cannot fly in 2020, as the league must be extremely careful to adhere to CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Tide, an NFL partner since 2011, saw an opportunity to bring back the beloved tradition by using their new product Tide Deep Hygienic Clean to wash jerseys on-site and deliver them to players’ homes.

“We happen to be launching our most superior deep cleanser for invisible dirt and grime,” said Jenny Maxwell, Senior Brand Manager for Tide. “We thought, what better way to bring these two amazing brands together? “

While the idea came easily, the logistics were more difficult. Tide had to coordinate with those in charge of outfitting all 32 NFL teams to ensure jerseys were washed on site with Tide Deep Hygienic Clean, as well as to facilitate jersey shipments between players.


“It took a lot of work in the back,” said Maxwell. “The player identifies with whom they wish to exchange their jersey and informs the equipment manager in advance so that they know that specific jersey needs to be washed with Tide Hygienic Clean.”

The inclusion of equipment managers, who facilitate all the clean-up and behind-the-scenes management of the games, has been key to the program’s success, Maxwell said. Based on COVID-19 protocols, no equipment or clothing can leave the stadium without having been washed.

Tide is committed to facilitating at least one trade for every NFL player this season by covering the costs of cleaning, shipping and replacing the jersey. The jerseys are delivered to players’ homes in a Tide-branded box, photos of which they are encouraged to share on social media.

“We make Tide part of the whole experience,” said Daniel Lobaton, Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi. “So it’s not just about ‘Brought to you by Tide’, it’s about making sure we’re there every step of the way. “

The campaign kicked off at the start of the NFL season, supported by players’ organic social posts. The new spot with Peyton Manning marks the next iteration of the campaign, where Tide aims to increase awareness of the program and its new product.

“We want the program to remain relevant for a one-season campaign,” said Maxwell.

Going forward, Tide will be looking to get fans involved in the action through a Twitter raffle that allows them to enter for a chance to win one of the traded NFL jerseys. Tide will continue to rely on social listening to refine the campaign based on customer feedback.

“We see this as an opportunity to add value while giving something back to fans and NFL players, with a message that helps launch this product,” said Paul Bichler, CCO of Woven.


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