Self-serve gas could lower prices in New Jersey, but many residents are torn by the end of tradition – CBS Philly


CHERRY HILL, NJ (CBS) — With gas prices through the roof, there’s another push for self-serve gas pumps in New Jersey. Some stations lowered prices on Friday to show what they could save if drivers pumped their own gasoline.

Garden State drivers pay an average of $4.47 a gallon, less than in Pennsylvania but more than in Delaware. The topic of self-service gas in New Jersey stirs strong emotions because it’s New Jersey tradition, but prices are 20 cents less for regular and 30 cents less for premium.

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More than 75 New Jersey gas stations cut prices Friday to convince drivers of the benefits of pumping their own gasoline. A bill from the New Jersey legislature proposes to give divers the option of using full-service or self-serve gas.

Governor Phil Murphy has described this debate as a third rail problem.

The event is part of Fuel Your Way NJ. It is promoted by the lobby group representing service station owners.

Organizers say giving drivers the option to pump their own gas will reduce prices and not result in the loss of jobs for gas station attendants. They say these workers will be moved to other jobs at gas stations.

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Some drivers we spoke to are conflicted, taking advantage of gas prices but cherishing a New Jersey tradition.

“I’m a bit spoiled, so I always like full service,” said driver Marcus Williams. “It depends if it’s a drastic price change, so of course let’s go, but overall I’m so used to it. That’s one of the interesting things, in plus the high taxes of living in New Jersey is that we get out of pumped gasoline for us.

The event will last all day.

Click here for a list of the 75 gas stations participating in Friday’s event.

NO MORE NEWS: More than 75 New Jersey gas stations are lowering prices on Friday to promote self-serve

Coming to Eyewitness News beginning at 4 p.m., CBS will explore the possibility of self-serve gas becoming law in the Garden State.


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