Saints’ CJ Gardner-Johnson targets number 1 after NFL jersey numbers change



The recent change in NFL rules has opened up more eligibility for single-digit jersey numbers, allowing defensive backs, linebackers, receivers and running backs to wear them. And CJ Gardner-Johnson is interested in opting for the bold No.1 jersey, after getting permission from his All-Pro teammate Deonte Harris (who rose to No.11 in the NFL after set national records in “that uno” at Assumption College).

Gardner-Johnson has expressed interest in the jersey swap on social media and even shared a fan’s mockup of what he might look like in number 1. But the change isn’t official; he’s still listed as # 22 on the team’s website list. Other league players have opted to stay in their current numbers after balk at the requirement to purchase existing jerseys for sale, which can add up to six or seven digits of inventory. But it might be a check Gardner-Johnson doesn’t hesitate to write.

He has already earned a reputation as one of the elite speakers in the NFL, continuing a legacy in the NFC South established by big tweets like Roddy White and Steve Smith. And, for once, the Saints have one of their own. It helps that Gardner-Johnson is also one of the big young nickel defenders in the league, and he still has room to improve. To see him take a new step in the black and gold jersey n ° 1 would be something.



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