Richard Sherman of the 49ers denounces the new NFL jersey exchange policy for the 2020 season


The NFL continued to do what it does best on Thursday: launch a meaningless mirage that the league genuinely cares about player safety.

There is hypocrisy, and then there is this. NFL Media’s Tom Pelissero reported Thursday morning that NFL players would be banned from interacting with each other after games less than six feet apart and jersey swaps will not be allowed. Richard Sherman lambasted the NFL for “one word thought” and couldn’t help but laugh at the situation.

He is absolutely right. How is the 49ers’ star cornerback supposed to tackle players and put his body on the line for four quarters and then the league suddenly cares about his health? This is not how it works.

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ESPN’s Mina Kimes had the perfect comparison for worthless politics if you need a good laugh right now. Who I’m kidding, we all need this and a lot more to cheer us up these days.

The NFL has done its best to act as if everything is business as usual this offseason, despite the coronavirus being more rampant than Raheem Mostert in the NFC Championship game. The free agency and the project were again blown into giant events with hours of coverage. The same goes for the schedules that become available, as if everything was going to run smoothly.

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Training camp is just around the corner, and there’s no question the NFL wants to do everything in its power to make sure there aren’t any delays. This league is more concerned with reminding players that drug tests resume when they show up to camp than real risks to the health of their players, with an invisible ailment lurking in the air and in our bodies. .

Sherman and any other player have every right to call the league right now. Until the NFL puts words into action to protect players, silence is not the answer.


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