Restrictions on NFL jersey numbers may change after team proposal


NFL decision to extend schedule to 17 games may be just one of many changes for the 2021 season. The league could also approach a decision on the Kansas City Chiefs’ proposal to allow technical-level players to wear single-digit numbers, the league could be on the verge of a decision.

The NFL is expected to approve a rule that relaxes restrictions on team jersey numbers, according to NBC Sports. The Chiefs’ initial proposal was reportedly fueled by the increased number of players and the limited number of players available to players in their respective positions.

Defensive backs, linebackers, running backs, full backs, tight ends, running backs and wide receivers would all be allowed to pick a number from their expanded pools.

Defensive backs and linebackers could wear any number from 1 to 49, while running backs, full-backs, tight ends, running backs and wide receivers could all choose between 1-49 and 80-89. . Defensive linemen and linebackers could put on 90-99.

Quarterbacks, punters and kickers would not have the opportunity to participate in the new options, being required to wear the numbers 1 to 19 and offensive linemen would still have the choice between 50 and 79.

Not only would the new rules change the clothing for each team, they would also have income effects. If passed, the proposal could significantly increase sales of jerseys, among other merchandise. Additionally, an NBC source said the Chiefs noted how “fun” the new rules could be.

The Patriots seem in the idea, having posted on Instagram a handful of players have photoshoped their jerseys with their college numbers. Among them were Julian Edelman with the number 1 he wore at Kent State and Stephon Gilmore, who sported the number 5 with South Carolina.

However, not all players want to trade numbers.

Bills star Stefon Diggs took to Twitter to explain why he won’t change his No.14 jersey if the proposal goes through.

“On second thought… I can’t change my number for all the people who have spent their hard earned money to support 14,” he tweeted on Monday, adding in a separate tweet that “14 is everything for me…”

If the league approves the proposal for the upcoming season, which requires 24 or more votes (out of the league’s 32 owners), it will be one of the few proposals to pass without multiple attempts.


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