Real Housewives of New Jersey sorted into their Hogwarts houses


Harry Potter fans have imagined their life at Hogwarts for decades. The classes they’d take, the spells they’d learn, and the characters they’d be close to are all storylines die-hard fans love to ponder. However, for many fans, the most exciting part of joining the Wizarding World is sitting under the iconic Sorting Hat.

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When two worlds become one, fans of both Harry Potter and The Real Housewives can’t help but imagine a world where their favorite Housewives are sorted alongside them in one of the four Hogwarts houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. The New Jersey ladies are perhaps the most dynamic, always bringing biting drama and holding nothing but power. Determining these women’s houses at Hogwarts isn’t easy, but a conclusion can be drawn based on their personalities and how they deal with reality.


Jackie Goldschneider

A split image of Jackie Goldschneider and the Ravenclaw badge

RHONJ fans know Jackie as a loyal friend and hard worker. In Season 9, she joined the show and jumped right into the drama by making Teresa an enemy. During her time on the show, Jackie has proven to be someone who isn’t shy about confrontation and makes sure her opinions are heard.

In a world of magic, Jackie would easily be the most advanced woman in New Jersey. Her strong desire to learn would make her one of the best students at Hogwarts, as evidenced by Jackie’s famous quote that sums up her personality, “I’m a fucking lawyer.” The Sorting Hat would debate whether Jackie is better suited for Hufflepuff, due to her hardworking and determined personality, or Ravenclaw, due to her intelligence and logical way of thinking. In the end, the Sorting Hat would make the best decision, ranking her in… SERGEANT.

Jennifer Aydin

A split image of the serious-looking Jennifer Aydin and the Slytherin symbol

Also introduced in Season 9, Jennifer entered the series ready to make a splash. She battled with fellow rookie Jackie and gave fans everything they wanted in a new housewife. Although it took fans a little longer to adjust to Jennifer, she ultimately proved to be a great asset to RHONJ. She has shown to be multi-dimensional, able to bring drama within the group, and has provided many heartfelt storylines involving her family.

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Jennifer would be fine in a world of witches and wizards. The Sorting Hat would have a tough choice as Jen has characteristics that could make her a perfect fit for Gryffindor and Slytherin. Her outspoken personality and unyielding attitude would make a great Gryffindor, but her ambition and ruthlessness would overshadow the rest, ultimately making her… SLYTHERIN.

Marguerite Josephs

A split image of smiling Margaret Josephs and the Hufflepuff badge

Margaret joined the New Jersey Women in Season 8 and was the breath of fresh air fans needed. She was funny, smart and not afraid to speak her mind. Margaret was unabashedly honest about how her relationship with Joe started, and fans appreciated the honesty, making Marge and Joe one of the best relationships ever. real housewives franchise. Although known for her harsh commentary and love of gossip, Marge is usually the first to let go of grudges and move past the drama.

The Sorting Hat would have a hard time deciding where to place Margaret as she has characteristics for each house. She’s bold and assertive like a Slytherin, analytical and witty like a Ravenclaw, compassionate and dependable like a Hufflepuff, and passionate and practical like a Gryffindor. After going deep within and considering everything, The Sorting Hat would decide…HUFFLEPUFF.

Dolores Catania

A split image of Dolores Catania talking to someone offscreen and the Gryffindor symbol

Dolores is a longtime friend of Teresa and was considered for the show for years before finally accepting the role in Season 7. Fans love Dolores for her no-nonsense attitude and straightforward personality. Dolores is proud of her old-school Italian values ​​and the loyalty she gives to her closest friends.

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Whether in the real world or the magical world, Dolores is not one to be messed with. Although she possesses the characteristics of all houses, Dolores’ confident nature and inability to back down, mixed with her dependability and roundness, would split The Sorting Hat between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. However, after breaking down all the characteristics, The Sorting Hat would determine… GRYFFINDOR.

Melissa Gorga

A split image of Melissa Gorga making a funny face and the Hufflepuff sign

Melissa joined RHONJ in season three and instantly caused a stir. Caught between the family drama involving her husband and sister-in-law, Melissa did her best to bring peace to her family. While fans are torn between Melissa and Teresa at times, and while their relationship isn’t the strongest, most are happy to see the two are closer than ever.

Melissa is probably the easiest New Jersey woman to place in a Hogwarts house. Although Melissa has said things that go against her personality, she shows consistent characteristics and her most vital traits align better with a specific house. Melissa is passionate, hardworking, patient, and generous, which makes it easy for The Sorting Hat to choose…HUFFLEPUFF.

Therese Giudice

An image of Teresa laughing and the Slytherin badge

Teresa is the only remaining OG in New Jersey, and for good reason. She’s consistent, opinionated, and ruthless, making her the face of the franchise. Teresa has been through it all for the past thirteen years. She had her daughter, got divorced, went to jail, and found love again, all on the show. Love her or love to hate her, fans can agree that there is no RHONJ without Therese.

The Sorting Hat wouldn’t have too much trouble deciding which house to put Teresa in. While her idealistic, stubborn, and unwavering demeanor may place her in Gryffindor, she has many other traits that fit perfectly into another house. Teresa is bold, assertive, self-reliant and her loyalty must be earned. The Sorting Hat would give Salazar his queen and place Teresa in… SLYTHERIN.

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