Patrick Surtain reveals plans for NFL jersey number


Patrick Surtain II is arguably the top cornerback prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Alabama star wants to live up to and surpass his father’s NFL career.

With the announcement of new rules allowing players to change numbers to single digits and wear numbers where they would not normally be allowed in the NFL, Surtain is considering a number change. He wore number 2 in Alabama but wouldn’t normally be allowed to wear single digits as a defensive back.

But, he thinks about it and if not, he will change it to a significant number.

“I don’t know yet that it’s going to be difficult,” Surtain said on NFL Network’s “Path to the Draft” Wednesday. “I’ve been rocking this devil since high school. Hope I get this. But if not, I’m going to swing that 23. I think that’s a good rule to have. I think players will feel comfortable with their own traditional numbers. So we’ll see what happens.

Surtain’s dad wore number 23 throughout his NFL career.

Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants feature former Alabama stars Trevon diggs and Xavier McKinney, respectively, in their secondaries. Surtain said he looks forward to joining them if he is selected by either of those two teams.

He explained when he joined Sirius XM NFL Radio.

“I spoke to both teams before this conversation”, Surtain said to welcome Lance Medow. “I spoke to these two boys. Being teammates with them in Alabama, they know how I play and they feel that my style of play can fit into their defensive patterns. We just talked, discussed the next level, next steps, what to expect, some things like that. We also talked about maybe being teammates together again. Reunite him and bring him back like we did in Bama’s time. We just logged in and have been friends for a long time. Being able to pick their brains out and tell me what they went through to the next level was a tremendous helping hand. “

It’s hard not to pay attention to all the gossip about the possibility of Surtain ending up with the Cowboys. Former NFL executive Mike Tannenbaum, who would like to see the Cowboys take serious action to tackle a defense that was far from satisfactory during the 2020 campaign.

“Patrick Surtain, Patrick Surtain and Patrick Surtain”, Tannenbaum said during Get Up. “How many more times are (the Cowboys) going to lose a game 49-47? It’s good to win a game, every now and then, 14-10. We need the defense. And last year, we’ve talked about how historically serious they are – if they can’t get off the pitch on the third try, because they can’t cover, shame on them.

“They have a very good youth corner in Trevon diggs. Go get Patrick Surtain. It is plug and play for the next 10 years. … I know we need indoor rushers, but with no turns you’re sent home really quickly. Take Surtain. “

Surtain played exceptionally in 2020 and helped Alabama win a national championship. He finished his college career (three seasons and 40 games) with 116 total tackles, 82 solo tackles, six loss tackles, four interceptions, one touchdown, 24 pass deflections, one recovery fumble and four forced fumbles. And with Tannenbaum seeing a need for Dallas to play more man-to-man cover, Surtain, he thinks, might just be the guy.

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