Mother’s Day 2022: Teacher from Millville, New Jersey, new mom of twins, and surrogate, surprises on ‘Good Morning America’

MILLVILLE, New Jersey – “Good Morning America” ​​celebrated two local mothers for the show’s annual Mother’s Day surprise.

Erika Biaselli is a music teacher at Lakeside Middle School in Millville, New Jersey.

“GMA” was at the school where students and staff were on hand to cheer on Erika.

Kasey Hewitt was also present. She was once a stranger to Erika, but their families are now linked by their surrogacy journey.

For Erika, the road to motherhood has been full of twists and turns, as the women’s family and friends describe in a video shown to the two at school.

“I think a lot of people assume their life is going to go a certain way and when they’re ready for something like a family, it’s going to happen,” Erika’s husband David Biaselli said. “We went through a lot of different appointments, medical procedures, IUIs, IVFs.”

Eventually, the couple began the surrogacy process and met Kasey for the very first time.

“Kasey and I have three kids together,” Kasey’s husband Bill Hewitt said. “Our eldest is 9, then we have a 4-year-old and a little girl who just turned 2. (Kasey) is my best friend. I couldn’t imagine every day without her.”

Kasey agreed to act as Biaselli’s substitute. To give the couple the best chance, Kasey had two embryos implanted.

“She derives so much joy from being a mother and once she shared Erika and David’s story with me, being able to give that joy to someone else was, I think, an incredible experience. for her,” Kasey’s best friend Kelly Wisniewski said.

Erika and Kasey supported each other throughout the pregnancy.

“Erika and Kasey hit it off pretty quickly,” David Biaselli said. “She’s Aunt Kasey and he’s been Uncle Bill forever. That’s a special bond for sure.”

In December, Erika and David were finally able to meet their twins, Desmond and Ruby, the babies of their dreams.

“It’s truly a proud moment. We couldn’t imagine better parents than Erika and Dave,” Bill Hewitt said.

“All of these incredible memories that we will be making as a family are thanks to Kasey,” David Biaselli said. “It’s the best feeling.”

The two families are forever linked.

“If someone is considering becoming a surrogate and decides they can do it, be equally generous and do it – or someone with fertility issues who sees your dreams can potentially come true” , said Erika’s mother-in-law. Ellen Biaselli. “I really feel like I wanted both women to be recognized for the amazing mothers that they are and the story that brought them together.”

As Erika prepares to celebrate her first Mother’s Day, “Good Morning America” ​​celebrated her and Kasey on Friday morning.

With the help of Millville High School Drumline, “GMA” introduced both mothers to “Breakfast in Bed”. Two beds were set up on the college stage and their two husbands were there to deliver meals.

“Without (Kasey), I wouldn’t be a mom,” Erika said. “I cry every time I talk about it, but it’s thanks to her that we have our babies. I can’t thank you enough.”

Kasey told ‘GMA’ that it was amazing helping Erika become a mother.

“I’m sure my mom would tell you that for as long as I can remember I wanted to be a mom. And if it hadn’t happened to me, I would have moved mountains to make it happen. So it happened for me and I have to do it for someone else,” Kasey said.

Each thanked their own mother for helping them along the journey.

“GMA” then surprised Erika and Kasey with pancake mix and syrup for a year from the Pearl Milling Company, which sponsored the breakfast event.

But that was not all.

Each mother received $5,000 for a dream vacation for her family.

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