Morris Democrats want pro-life activist to step down


Morris County Democratic leaders are calling on Aaron (AJ) Oliver to step down as Democratic City President of Morristown because of his pro-life stance.

“As the progressive chairman of this party, I have always defended reproductive freedom and access to reproductive health care. This is central to the values ​​of the MCDC and the Democratic Party, ”said Morris County Democratic President Chip Robinson. “I strongly condemn the actions of anyone who opposes legislation that would protect these crucial freedoms.”

Less than two weeks before the November general election, two major grassroots groups – New Jersey 11th for Change and Morris County Democratic Women’s Caucus – withdrew their support for Oliver for Morris County commissioner after learning he was an activist anti-abortion.

Oliver had not disclosed his stance on abortion to most Democratic leaders, including his two running mates, although Robinson admitted to knowing where Oliver was standing.

But the wave of comments on social media about Oliver’s stance on abortion didn’t end up hurting him much on election day. He finished just 283 votes behind TC McCourt and 943 votes behind Dina Mikulka out of over 170,000 votes cast. All three lost to the Republican incumbents in a landslide.

Robinson and county party vice chairman Robin Gurin did not ask Oliver to step aside from the county commissioner race.

Gurin, who declined to say when she found out about Oliver’s pro-life stance and declined to say whether abortion was a litmus test for Democrats, has now returned and also wants Oliver gone.

“We condemn and neither endorse nor support Aaron Oliver’s recent activism,” she said.

A pro-life Democratic national group that Oliver is involved in is calling on Morris County Democrats for trying to force Oliver to step down as city chairman.

“New Jersey Democrats who use Trump-type tactics to push AJ out of the party should take a good look in the mirror and reassess their emulation of an unpopular former president,” said Kristen Day, Democrats’ executive director for Life. for America.

Oliver did not immediately respond to a 5:51 p.m. email asking for comment.

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