Mohamed Sanu asks about NFL jersey swap ban


New England Patriots wide receiver Mohamed Sanu raised an important question on Twitter: to huddle or not to huddle?

New NFL safety regulations choose to prohibit players from swapping jerseys. A handful of NFL players expressed dismay at the league’s decision.

While those other players directly shared their frustrations about it, Pats veteran Mohamed Sanu just gave a simple retort to the league’s seemingly hypocritical new rule.

The NFL denies players the right to trade jerseys at the end of games. But so many other elements of football action require a much, much closer level of exposition.

For Sanu, team meetings are obviously just one example. Unless the dozens of players on each team are properly distanced from each other, we also don’t see how those would follow strict safety rules.

The Patriots receiver is definitely not the only one of his opinion. San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman also shared his thoughts on the matter under consideration. In a league that is as contact as contact sports come, the league has decided to ban an action for players that largely seems easy to do safely.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson was much more succinct on the matter.

He followed up with a question for the league similar to that of Sherman and Sanu from the Patriots.

“So explain to me why are they allowing us to play at all? The other 4 terms don’t matter.. I don’t understand so help me sir.

If this issue is any indication, it’s clear that the players and the league aren’t in agreement yet.

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