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Season 4 of Temptation Island will air in a few weeks and here’s everything you need to know about new cast member Alexa Coppola.

March 16, temptation island will air season 4 and viewers are curious to know more about actors like Alexa Coppola. temptation island is a popular dating show that combines couples with singles to test the strength of their relationship. While in the past some couples failed the challenge and cheated on their partners, several couples have made it through, proving that their love can survive. temptation island. After the trailer was released, viewers became excited to see what will happen with the new set of troubled couples entering paradise.

This season will feature four couples who are at a turning point in their relationship and want to test their partner. Except temptation island couples, there will be 24 single women and men looking for the love of their life. This season’s trailer revealed steamy shower scenes and tearful one-on-one interviews. It looks like this season will be full of chaos with some jaw-dropping moments, as some members hinted at hooking up with someone other than their partner. Among the new applicants is the single Alexa, who is looking for that special someone.


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Alexa is 23 years old from Oradell, New Jersey. According to her temptation island profile, she’s an outspoken woman who lives by the slogan work hard, play hard. This allowed him to receive his real estate agent’s license at age 19. Alexa doesn’t like to stay home and considers herself a social butterfly. Like Karyna Auletta, another bachelor on temptation islandAlexa loves traveling and spending time with her friends.

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On social networks, we find her on Facebook and Instagram with the nickname Alexa has about 80 messages and several of them refer to her real estate business. The profile also indicates that she likes to meet single men and that she is not single for long herself, which makes the experience more interesting. Maybe she’ll find the love of her life temptation islandbut the burning question is whether she will find him with someone else’s boyfriend.

Over the years, temptation island has proven itself since in season 3, all but one couple, Kendal Kirkland and Erica Washington stayed together. However, not all couples have been so lucky in recent seasons. The trailer doesn’t look very promising for some couples, but viewers are eagerly awaiting the next season to see if more couples become fan favorites. Ultimately, viewers wish the best for Alexa as she searches for love in future episodes of Temptation Island.

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