Mazzeo Says School District and Municipal Consolidation Needed to Control Property Taxes | Local News



Mazzeo recently introduced a bill to extend the takeover by four years, and it was signed by Gov. Phil Murphy earlier this year.

For many years, Mazzeo said he was pushing for the consolidation of municipalities and school districts to save money and lower property taxes.

The owner of Mazzeo’s Produce in Northfield, said he knows firsthand how difficult the COVID-19 pandemic has been for small businesses.

Q: The state has raised taxes on businesses. Should it continue, stay the same, or should business taxes be reduced?

Mazzeo: It’s very difficult to cut taxes … but if we could stabilize taxes in New Jersey, especially with our small businesses … no secret, small businesses are our biggest employer … I would be in. favor something like that, see how we could be more business friendly.

Property taxes are a big cost for a small business, we don’t get too many local services … can we find a way to stabilize that with consolidation?

Q: Why didn’t Governor Phil Murphy use federal COVID aid to replenish the state’s unemployment fund? Instead, he authorized the increase in the unemployment tax on them.

Mazzeo: He had to choose where to put his money… we slowed down (deferred) the corporate unemployment tax and gradually applied it over several years.



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