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Author George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no love more sincere than the love of food.” After all, enjoying food is one of the universal experiences. There’s never been a better time to browse recipes, cook great meals, and share those Instagram-worthy posts. Talking about it brings us to these powerhouse women who stand out with their food blogs focusing on Indian fusion cuisine and a warm presence on Instagram.

India is rich in culture and diversity, and food continues to be a big part of it. For many, sitting down as a family and sharing a meal together is an important activity of the day. Each state has its own unique flavors and specialties, and if you’re curious about what that entails and how to create a mouth-watering Indian meal to tantalise your taste buds, read on to learn more about some of the leading women in this space. Here is a list of Indo-American food bloggers in Hudson County to guide you in your culinary explorations.


Manasi Khedlekar | @manasiny

(Photo credit: @manasiny)

Manasi has been in the food blogging space long before it became a trend (since 2005 to be exact). The goal behind every recipe is to let her children experience the culture, traditions and flavors that are so deeply rooted in homemade Indian dishes. As Manasi says, “Cooking is a well-choreographed dance, and since it’s so technically heavy, looking at it visually is what brings it to life.” The aesthetic of her Instagram page will transport readers to a South Indian wedding – where meals are served on banana leaves with a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

Her favorite recipe is the comfort food par excellence: white rice and daal, a dish made with lentils and spices.

City of Jersey

Anjhanaa Sai Kumar | @anjanacooks

Anjhanaa Sai Kumar

(Photo credit: @anjanacooks)

Meet Anjhanaa, a physical therapist working in Manhattan full-time and creating delicious meals on Instagram part-time. The inspiration behind each recipe comes from her grandmother and mother, who created traditional Tamil recipes. His Instagram account @anjanacooks is her way of sharing with the world what she cooks in the kitchen and how the same can be replicated at home. She keeps up with content creation trends with Instagram Reels and documents the process from start to finish. While managing a full-time gig and active social media presence can be challenging, the incredible community of food blogging friends continues to keep her motivated.

Most Popular Recipe: Carrot Kheer Popsicles + Khichdi Arancini

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Eshani | @thedancingcookbook


(Photo credit: @thedancingcookbook)

Like many of us, Eshani had never set foot in the kitchen until 2020, she soon realized that if you need good food, you have to know how to cook it. After all, life is about finding those moments that bring you joy, and for her, that’s in the kitchen – the only place you have control over what happens. Her love for dancing and cooking inspired the name, @thedancingcookbookand readers can be sure to find a range of Indian fusion recipes and colorful cocktails – some of which have been featured on thefeedfeed.com, Made with tasteand Tasty buzzfeed.

Most Popular Recipe: Hasselback Tandoori Potato Chaat

Mansi Mehta | @vspiceroute

Mansi Mehta

(Photo credit: @vspiceroute)

What originally started as a restaurant review blog quickly pivoted during the pandemic to a page with easy and mouth-watering Indian recipes. Having spent much of her time in Mumbai and New York, two diverse and multicultural cities, Mansi was exposed to street food, quick recipes and adding a little spice to sizzle things. The ‘v’ in the Instagram handle signifies the Vegetarian and Spice Route is the ancient trade route to India. Hence the name, vspiceroute.

Most popular recipe: The lunchbox series, with quick and easy recipes the kids (and you) will love.

Megha Patel | @chocolateandcheesePlease

mega patel

(Photo credit: @chocolateandcheesePlease)

Megha’s Instagram handle is our love language – chocolate and cheese. Her food blog started as a side project in the spring of 2017 and quickly became her full-time job. Megha creates the perfect ‘FOMO’ feeling that gets readers off the couch and into the kitchen. Although her page features a mix of Indian fusion recipes, she is also a lifestyle blogger sharing simple styles and runs a jewelry/watch brand alongside (@layed.jewels).

Most Popular Recipe: Fried Bean and Cheese Enchiladas

Nisha Vedi Pawar | @lovelaughmirch

Nisha Vedi Pawar

(Photo credit: @lovelaughmirch)

Speaking of Indian food blogger OG, we have Nisha – a foodie, mom, blogger and writer with contagious positive energy. She started her blog in February 2011 as a passion project to document the culinary experiences and lives of newlyweds. Being in the Jersey City area since 2008, finding plenty of take-out options was never a problem, but what he missed was authentic dining at home. The theme of her page is to recreate ‘Ghar ka khana’ which translates to home cooked meals. The Instagram handle is reminiscent of the “live love laugh” tagline, but hers is getting better. Mirch in Hindi means ‘spice’ and what is food (or life) without a bit of it. Nisha was featured on The insider, HGTVand Tasty buzzfeed to name a few, for its mouth-watering recipes.

Most popular recipe: Rajma, which is made with kidney beans in a thick sauce of Indian whole spices often served with rice.

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Pooja Jhunjhunwala | @theglobalvegetarian

Pooja Jhunjhunwala

(Photo credit: @theglobalvegetarian)

Pooja is a true global vegetarian. She graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York and was able to represent her school and India at the USA Pastry Competition where she was the first Indian to place and win the silver medal. Following this success, she turned to blogging full time. Given her experience in the field, she talks about the shift from food photography and its static form to reels, which allows creators to show textures and create ASMR videos to attract more people to food. She ran a bakery in India for three years, and after moving to the United States permanently, she continues to spread the love and joy of cooking through her page.

Most Popular Recipe: Pickled Onions and Paneer Kathi Roll

Chrushti Parikh | @_spcuisine_

Chrushti Parikh

(Photo credit: @_spcuisine_)

Sometimes it’s about trusting the process enough until you fall in love with it – and that’s how @_spcuisine_ Was found. When Shrushti struggled to find vegetarian options without onion or garlic, she started experimenting with recipes on her husband, which eventually led to Instagram success with the food blogging space. Its handle is an acronym for its name and the magic that happens in the kitchen.

Most Popular Recipe: Pink Strawberry Chia Seed Pudding

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