Leaked NFL jerseys: Images of new Bengals jersey, as well as Browns, 49ers flashbacks, may have hit social media


The Cincinnati Bengals will change their main uniform this season, the team’s first uniform change in 17 years. While Cincinnati will not be changing its iconic helmet and the current logo will remain the same, the new jerseys may have been leaked on social media.

The third major change in the history of Bengals’ uniforms apparently has a much simpler design, which resembles the team’s uniforms from 1981 to 2003, with a more modern twist. Cincinnati is undergoing a major change with the uniforms, as orange will be the main uniform for the home team, with traditional black jerseys becoming the alternative.

Here’s an image leak of what appears to be the upcoming changes to the Bengals’ uniforms. Keep in mind that these are unofficial, as the team has yet to announce the new uniforms (which will come shortly before the 2021 NFL Draft):

These uniforms have a similarity to the Bengals’ uniforms of the 1980s and 1990s, but… three stripes on the side just isn’t enough.

The uniforms of the Bengals in 1989.

Getty Images

The Bengals’ uniforms aren’t the only ones leaked on social media. The San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns could add returns to their wardrobes in 2021, something neither team has yet announced. According to the NFL rulebook, each club can wear an optional league-approved uniform for up to three games during the regular season and an unlimited number of games during the preseason.

The 49ers would apparently go from their 1994 road uniforms to their 1994 homecoming uniforms, the reds they wore in the NFL’s 75th anniversary season and in their 49-26 victory over the San Diego Chargers in the Super Bowl XXIX. The Browns have a 1946 homecoming uniform from their first season as a franchise, marking the team’s 75th anniversary (the Browns started at the All-America Football Conference).

Here’s a look at the leaked images:

If the Browns switch to flashbacks for the 2021 season, the team will replace their brown “Color Rush” substitutes they’ve worn since 2018. It will be determined whether the change will be for a season or more.

Well done for more flashbacks in the NFL, especially if the rule of a shell is broken this offseason (the NFL would consider it). The Browns could wear these retro uniforms with the white helmets from 1946, which would make the outfit appropriate, although they would look solid with the current brown helmets.

Maybe a big change is on the horizon with NFL uniforms – with more flashbacks to come if the one-shell rule is lifted.


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