Lakers, LeBron James Snoop Dogg Gift with Authentic Jersey



Snoop Dogg received a hell of a gift from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Receiving a jersey from your favorite team or your favorite player is a great feeling. But imagine getting an authentic jersey straight from the team? Or better yet, maybe even the best player on the planet. It must be just a different kind of special feeling.

This is exactly what happened to Snoop Dogg, as he posted a video of the authentic LeBron James Lakers jersey sent to him. on social networks.

In the video, the rapper / actor reads the words written on the box, which read, “You’re one of 23. We’re ready to start the show, aren’t we? See you soon. ”He refuses to dunk after putting on the jersey and jokes that it gave him“ magical powers ”.

It is not known exactly who sent the jersey, but based on its caption on the Twitter post, it appears that James played a role in it. The 14-time NBA star and four-time NBA MVP has chosen to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in free agency this offseason and travel to Los Angeles.

Apparently, Snoop Dogg is one of the many Lakers fans who are eyeing a championship in the very near future, and maybe even this season.

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