Joe Burrow skyrockets into top 10 NFL jersey sales


Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow can add this to his resume: being a super popular guy and just overall likeable.

The NFL Players Association has released its Top Players Sales List, which reports sales of all officially licensed NFL player merchandise from March 1 through November 30, 2021, and Burrow ranked in the top 10.

Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes placed first and second, respectively, as they have for the past four years, but Burrow’s jerseys saw a huge jump in the third quarter. He ranks 10th overall in all NFL player products, behind Lamar Jackson of the Ravens and George Kittle of the 49ers.

It’s no surprise that the highest ranked Bengals player in jersey sales is our fearless leader, Joe Burrow.

Cincinnati Bengals’ Joe Burrow ranks tenth in NFL player merchandise sales in 2021

Another Bengals player jersey ranked in the top 50 for sales: Ja’Marr Chase ranked 45th overall. We were secretly hoping Evan McPherson could make the roster, but that’s a tall order for a kicker’s jersey.

Burrow, Chase and the rest of Cincy will show off some very dapper Super Bowl jerseys when they host the Los Angeles Rams.

Once a lowly doormat to the playoffs, the Cincinnati Bengals have a shot at winning their first-ever championship — and you can bet their player jersey sales will skyrocket even more after that.

In 2022, we expect Burrow to make the top 5, and we’re crossing our fingers for McPherson to join the top 50.

We’d also like a report on how many Bengals jerseys have been customized to say “Joe Franchise”, “Joe Brrr” or “Joe Shiesty”. It could make a difference.


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