Jets S Jamal Adams not a fan of the NFL jersey swap ban


Jamal Adams demands an exchange… against the jerseys of the opposing players.

On Thursday, the NFL announced that players and teams will be banned from post-game interactions within six feet of each other, meaning jersey swaps will be banned during the season, according to Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network.

As the NFL tries to change the landscape of the game to encourage social distancing measures, this effort has sparked laughs from Adams.

“Stand 6 feet away, brother, I’m going to throw my jersey at [you]… LOL Cmon man, ”Adams said in a statement posted on Bleacher Report’s Gridiron Instagram Page.

Adams isn’t the only player who finds irony in playing 60 minutes of a contact sport and then being forced to socially distance himself after the game is over. Other NFL players such as DJ Moore, Golden Tate and Stefon Diggs commented on the new jersey exchange rule.

San Francisco 49ers CB All-Pro Richard Sherman, who is also NFLPA vice president, acknowledged the irony on Twitter.

“It’s a perfect example of NFL thinking in a nutshell,” Sherman wrote. “It’s safe for players to participate in a full contact game. However, it is considered dangerous for them to exchange shirts after the said match.

Adams was not afraid to voice his displeasure this offseason, whether it was his contract extension or the NFL’s inadequate initial response to racial tensions and social justice measures. Now, the league’s decision to ban popular post-game activity is another step in the Jets’ All-Pro safety belt. Players like Adams don’t have a problem with the ban on the ritual itself, but more with the hypocrisy of the decision.


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