Jersey Shore’s Angelina Hasn’t Dated Danny Louisa


In HBO Boy’s Island Season 2 Episode 6, Mia Emani Jones discovers photos of Danny Louisa with Angelina Pivarnick from MTV’s jerseyshore. However, there is no evidence that the couple dated before filming for the reality TV show. The production edited it to make it look that way. Take a look at who Danny took to this wedding months before he flew to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to film Boy’s Island.

[WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding FBoy Island Season 2 Episodes 1-6.]

‘FBoy Island’ Season 2: Mia Finds Pictures of Danny Louisa and Angelina from ‘Jersey Shore’

In Boy’s Island Season 2 host Nikki Glaser gives the three women a chance to scroll through the men’s social media accounts. During their deep dive, Mia finds photos of Danny Louisa at a wedding to Angelina from jerseyshore.

“Are you here to gain weight? Because he dated someone who was so…” Mia said after discovering the photos.

“On TV?” adds Nikki Glaser.

Louisa points out that someone wrote, “she said, ‘best time, love you.'”

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However, Angelina did not write this. Someone with the username “NikkiB1029” wrote the comment. Despite this fact, Mia is outraged.

“What are you really here for Danny?” she said to the other women. “Are you here to get some weight so you can post your super famous girlfriend?”

‘Jersey Shore’ Angelina Didn’t Date ‘FBoy Island’ Season 2 Danny Louisa

MTV’s Angelina Pivarnick jerseyshore did not attend a wedding because Boy Island Danny Louisa’s date. Instead, he went to the wedding with a friend, NikkiB1029. Yet the famous reality TV star that everyone loves to hate attended the same wedding. Danny took some photos with her and shared them on social media.

The jerseyshore The alum’s husband, Chris Larangeira, filed for divorce in January 2022. Since the wedding took place on October 18, 2021, Angelina likely attended the wedding with Chris. However, he is not in the photos Danny shared.

Angelina Pivarnick | Santiago Felipe/WireImage

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Danny Louisa told Mia Emani Jones he went to the wedding as a friend

If Danny hadn’t gone out with Angelina from jerseyshore, did he date NikkiB1029? It looks like it.

“Best moment, love you ❤️” NikkiB1029 replied to the instagram Publish.

Danny didn’t hesitate to respond to Nikki.

“@nikkib1029 I had such a great time too!!!” Dany replied “I love you and I miss you so much already!!”

Viewers could see why Mia was so upset. It was a combination of his photos with Angelina from jerseyshoreand it looks like he had a very recent relationship with Nikki B. They could still be together since so many other guys have also come on the show with girlfriends.

On Episode 6 of FBoy Island, Danny insisted he go to the wedding with a friend who helped him deal with his recent breakup. However, Danny also turned out to be an FBoy, so we don’t know what to believe. To do your own deep dive, here is Danny’s instagram and Twitter accounts.

Boy’s Island Season 2 returns to HBO Max on July 28 with two more episodes. Then, the final two episodes will air on the streaming service on August 4.

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