‘Jersey Shore’ stars call out Angelina Pivarnick for allegedly planting story on wedding toast


jerseyshore stars are calling out former cast member Angelina Pivarnick for leaking audio from her 2019 wedding reception, in which bridesmaids Deena, Nicole “Snooki” and Jenni “JWoww” can be heard cracking jokes seemingly hurtful in their speeches. The leak sparked a wave of cyberbullying from fans targeting the three women.

“Damn, that hurts. I had to take a mental break on that show because I really thought I ruined her marriage and hurt her. We’ve all been there for her to try to work things out and this shit hurts”, Nicole tweeted in response to Wednesday’s report.

“To say that she swore on the life of her animals, she did not divulge it”, noted Deena shortly after. “I feel like this friendship we have is based on a lie…I was there for her…and now I know she deliberately did something to hurt me…that makes me sad. Unfortunately, I know the source and I know it is actually true.”

Sources reportedly said The sun that Angelina was the culprit of the infamous leak as she and ex-husband Chris knew about the speeches beforehand and approved of their harsh joke nature. “Everyone was in complete agreement with what needed to be said,” the source mentioned.

In the clip, Deena can be heard saying, “Angelina, you’re the lice in my hair.” To which, Nicole chimes in: “You’re the fly of my shit.” Jenni adds, “You’re the trash of our bags,” before the crowd started booing the reality TV star for cracking a Staten Island joke. “You are the dumping ground for our island,” she said, referring to the area’s Fresh Kills dump.

Before the source came forward, the women believed it was one of the guests who shared the audio. However, the insider claims that it was Angelina who leaked the speeches, without giving any outside context and knowing it would make the women look bad.

Angelina responded to the accusations by calling them completely false. She blames her ex-husband, from whom she recently filed for divorce, saying he wants to “sabotage” her reputation. “This is my husband trying to sabotage me. He walks around trying to sabotage me and gain sympathy from strangers,” she said. “He’s trying to get me off the show with lies.”


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