Insurance company offer: car credit at the fixed APR rate of 1.99% with insurance


Unquestionably on the podium of the most attractive French insurers, the Insurance company stands out with its car loan offer at the fixed APR rate of 1.99%. Preferential conditions valid until October 15, 2018 over a period of 36 months, from $ 3,000 borrowed. Not sure that this bundled offer will make it possible to obtain the cheapest car loan.

Insurance company offer: car credit at 1.99% fixed APR

Insurance company offer: car credit at 1.99% fixed APR

Insurance company auto credit is moving up a gear. In sight, the promise of a loan at the fixed APR rate of 1.99%. A temporary promotion subject to several conditions:

  • Loan amount: between $ 3,000 and $ 75,000.
  • This car loan must be associated with vehicle insurance (car, motorbike, motorhome) in an all risk or all Eco risk formula.
  • Credit term: 36 months or nothing.
  • The offer is only valid until October 15, 2018.

The fixed rate car loan of 1.99% therefore only applies in the event of taking out all-risk or all-risk Eco Insurance company car insurance. The car loan will be studied and submitted to the decision of Franfinance, specialist in consumer credit. The Société Générale group subsidiary is in partnership with the insurer. You need to get closer to our credit comparator for any car loan request without obligation to subscribe to insurance or constraint regarding the duration of repayment.

Is the Insurance company credit offer attractive?

The Insurance company loan at the fixed APR rate of 1.99% is interesting in general terms. However, it is subject to several strict conditions, the most restrictive of which obliges the borrower to link his car loan with a car insurance (or any other vehicle) all risk Insurance company. However, if car insurance is compulsory for all drivers, the “all risks” formula is not (see the law).

The Insurance company plus: the first two months are offered on all-risk auto insurance, provided you subscribe before October 30, 2018.

Once your car loan simulation has been carried out over 36 months, you can make a quote to estimate the cost of your car insurance. The credit organization provides all individuals with a dynamic insurance simulator. You can search for your vehicle by make or registration, before entering all the criteria allowing the realization of the estimate:

  • The type of vehicle (model, technical characteristics).
  • The complete driver profile.
  • The number of kilometers estimated per year.

The best advice is to compare all-risk auto insurance before taking advantage of the offer. Each case is truly unique and it is very difficult to establish a standard profile. If the quote for all-risk insurance offered by Insurance company is competitive, this fixed APR credit of 1.99% over 36 months then constitutes a real good offer.