Honda credit at the best rate: in concession or at the bank?


You don’t have to rush to a dealership for a Honda loan , whether it is for the purchase of a car or a motorcycle. Indeed, the builder’s credit is not often the best, compared to that of specialized organizations. And this is even more true when it comes to used credit.
As much as it is true that the Honda credit is unbeatable during the promotion period but apart from this too rare opportunity, it is better to go through a specialist. And to find the best rate, we compare the offers of the largest credit agencies. To obtain this comparison for a Honda credit (be it a motorcycle or a car), you will have to choose the project “new car credit or less than 2 years” for the purchase of a new vehicle or less than 2 years or “ used car credit more than 2 years ”in other cases.

Honda credit for a car or a motorcycle?

Suzuki credit for a car or a motorcycle?

 The method is quite simple to apply for a Honda loan on our credit comparison engine. First, determine the type of loan , the desired amount and the repayment period of the Honda credit. The second step is to complete a form in a few minutes. Finally, all that remains is to choose the cheapest offers . And how well we make the difference between applying for a Honda loan and obtaining a Honda loan .

We give the possibility of selecting up to three offers in the established classification, you will then get an evaluation of your file without commitment. Thanks to this method, everyone gains not only time but also savings in the event of a final agreement with one of the offers on our podium.

Let’s make the comparison of a concrete case


 Let us put ourselves in the situation of a potential buyer who wishes to apply for Honda credit. After completing our questionnaire, a redirect to our credit comparator will allow us to choose an amount of $ 15,000 corresponding to the purchase of a new customizable Honda Swift or a GSX R 1000 motorcycle for fans of displacement.

New car loan or – 2 years of $ 15,000
Refund within 60 months

Lowest rate: 3.51% Monthly payment: $ 272.57 Cost of Honda credit: $ 1,354.20
Highest rate: 7.58% Monthly payment: $ 299.35 Cost of Honda credit: $ 2,961.00

More than double to pay to obtain the same Honda credit to be reimbursed and under the same conditions. While this money saved would afford a Honda Swift with many more options or even move to the Honda Swift Sport range!

Credit Honda in concession

Credit Suzuki in concession

 For those who wish to go directly to the brand, this option is possible and may even be worth it, but under certain conditions. Because this offer will depend on a Honda credit at a promotional rate , offered directly by the brand. To benefit from it, you will have to be patient until the promotion period. This type of offer is generally made during the period preceding the summer holidays. However, be careful to read the entire contract because in most cases, this type of credit offer will require a very short repayment period (between 12 and 24 months in most cases), thus causing monthly payments of exorbitant reimbursement.

Take the representative example of the Honda loan offered by Honda Financement. He offers for the purchase of a new Honda and a credit of $ 6,000 to be reimbursed over 36 months, a fixed overall taeg effective rate of 7.02%! Going through Senior Credit and with this same Honda loan (new car loan, 6000 $, 36 months), our best offer offers a fixed taeg rate of 3.30% , half the cost of the loan offered in concession.

A Honda loan on personal loan, but why?

A Suzuki loan on personal loan, but why?

 Honda credit can also be contracted through personal credit. Its major advantage lies in the fact that it does not have to deal with paperwork, since no proof of purchase is to be provided to the credit organization. In addition, the borrowed money can be used to buy a car but also for all other parallel projects. The counterpart will be to pay this loan at a slightly higher rate than by going through a car loan at the best rate .

Honda bank credit

Suzuki bank credit

A last and not least solution is to apply for Honda credit directly from your bank. However, many prerequisites will have to be met in order to reach a final agreement. First, a good or very good relationship with your bank, then a seniority of several years (generally 10 years on average) and finally a secure financial profile (banks like savings). But you should know that even if agreed with his banker, the rates are generally not competitive.