George Kittle: Having second best-selling NFL jersey in Mexico is ‘awesome’


With 49ers fans scattered across the United States, the Faithful 49ers go beyond the Bay Area.

But they also have a huge fanbase south of the border.

George Kittle, one of the NFL’s most beloved players, learned he was just as adored in Mexico.

Last week, the NFL Mexico Instagram account posted the 10 best-selling jerseys in Mexico. Two 49ers players were on the list.

At No. 2, only behind NFL legend Tom Brady, was Kittle.

“I love it, are you kidding me?” Kittle told reporters on the opening day of training camp on Tuesday. “The fact that I know the 49ers have fans in Mexico is awesome. You can feel the love everywhere. Every time I’ve been to Mexico there are a lot of fans there too, so I always appreciate That. It’s genuine love and you can feel it and they’re so happy to be part of the 49ers fandom. So I appreciate them.”

Well, Estadio Azteca will likely be awash in Kittle jerseys when the 49ers take on the Arizona Cardinals on Monday, November 21 in Mexico City.

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The other 49ers player on the list was Nick Bosa, who has the best-selling No. 6 jersey in Mexico.

One of the best things about sports is that they usually bring people together from all walks of life, and it’s clear that the love for Kittle knows no boundaries.

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