Dazzling New Luxe Logo Spirit 50th Anniversary Swimsuit and Pants, No Discount on the First Anniversary Vault Collection, and more: Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Photo Report 12/16/21



Royal greetings, lords and ladies! Today’s royal outing takes us to Magic Kingdom and other parts of Walt Disney World Resort. Let’s jump in!

We’re dropping the rope today, which means we can see the sunrise over Magic Kingdom.

Photo report MK 121620216
Photo report MK 121620214
Photo report MK 121620211

There are only nine days left until Christmas. We are in a hurry to collect our last minute gifts and the matching Christmas clothes.

Photo report MK 121620212

All of these “comfy” sweaters can be found at the Emporium inside Magic Kingdom.

Photo report MK 121620213
Photo report MK 121620215

Let’s commemorate the world’s most magical celebration with this beautiful ornament.

Photo report MK 121620217

Magic called us on stage for the opening show. Hello to our favorite friends!


The Luxe Logo-style jersey and pants are finally out. This collection dazzles with its sparkling details. We found them to be Star Traders.

Photo report MK 1216202110
Photo report MK 121620218

TRON Lightcycle Run is getting ready quickly. Are you excited for an opening date? We are!


The first merchandise deposited for the First Anniversary Vault collection. We are delighted to see this collection. Unfortunately, no discounts will be applied to purchases.

Photo report MK 1216202111

Many 50th anniversary items have been restocked, such as these two snow globes.

Photo report MK 1216202113

We head to Disney Springs for shopping until we drop (and wait until 2pm to be able to park.)


Inside World of Disney, we came across a lot of new jewelry. These would make great gifts for the holidays. For everything we’ve found, check out today’s merchandise list.


“We are the Madrigal family.” Take your Mirabel plush toy and be your “best myself!”


It’s time to buy the Star Wars fan in your life. We found a new hat, youth sweatshirt and leggings.


The Levi’s store now offers customizable clothing. You can use the kiosk to design your next fit. Customizable Disney designs are exclusive to the Disney Springs store.


Disney Style had two new items to keep you “stylish” during your trip to Walt Disney World Resort.


Marvel Super Hero Headquarters is ready for the launch of “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. We want this jacket to be available in adult sizes.

Photo report MK 1216202112

Happy Holidays, partner! We end our day with a loop around Disney’s Hollywood studios.

Photo report MK 1216202115

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectular has shows on 12/19/19. They now have a Lighting Lane sign to help direct enthusiastic guests.

Photo report MK 1216202116
Photo report MK 1216202118

We end our day with Goofy and Max. We hope you had a magical day with us!

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