Credit Loans | Flexible loan with your finances in focus

A credit loan is a homemade term typically associated with money made available to you by your loan provider. This means that you will be released an amount of money in your account, which you can then use. You typically only pay interest the second you choose to withdraw money from your credit.

As with many other loan terms, the term credit loan does not actually exist and therefore confusion can often arise about how a credit loan should be understood.

Credit loans – an expression of two different types of loans


The homemade term – credit loan – can cover two different types of loans; a credit and a cash credit. Whether it’s a credit or a cash credit, both types of loans are typically characterized by high interest rates because you pay for the loan’s flexibility. So a credit loan is not really a product at all.

Typically, you need a bank credit in the bank to record and it can take some time. First, you need to have a meeting with your bank advisor, and then you need to provide personal information in order to be credited. This credit rating is based on the bank’s own terms and will therefore be more in-depth. In addition, the bank also expects you to provide collateral for the loan and this can be uncomfortable.

Typically, a credit is easy and quick to raise, but it can be difficult to get an overview of the cost of the loan. In addition, interest rates are typically even higher as you pay for the quick fix.

Good Finance – we give you the best conditions for a favorable loan


At Good Finance, we offer you an annuity loan that gives you the best conditions for not getting caught in a debt spiral. Once this happens, it is difficult to get out again. Therefore, it is important to examine the pros and cons of a loan before taking one.

At Good Finance, we let you decide how much you want to pay off with each and every single month – already at the time of loan creation. You do this in our loan calculator, where you choose one amount you want to pay each month.

This is a guarantee for yourself, which means that you avoid getting into a situation where you only pay off on your loan interest rates. It can end up being really expensive for you if this happens first. Therefore, it is extremely important that you choose a loan provider that guarantees you the best conditions for a favorable loan.

Good Finances Solution – Your Benefits


There are many benefits to choosing Good Finance. We guarantee you peace of mind because our product is characterized by tremendous transparency that benefits you. We offer you a flexible loan that is based on your finances.

With Good Finance you get:

  • Payment in one hour, if you are a Nordea customer
  • Self-managing your loan
  • Possibility to postpone your installment
  • Ability to increase your loan amount
  • Option to deposit extra money – free of charge

We pay the money right away.

Good Finances philosophy – freedom under one’s own responsibility


We give you freedom under responsibility and co-determination from start to finish. We do this because we believe that there is not one economy that is identical to another. Of course, this places a greater demand on us, which we have made sure to live up to.

Sometimes you may need to up or down your monthly loan expenses, which is why we have made it possible for you. We do not want you to be affected by a financial fluctuation, and that is why we have enabled you to have full influence.