Check Out Nike’s New Harry Kane Tottenham NFL Jersey, On Sale Now


If you had any lingering doubts that Tottenham Hotspur tied their future to that of the National Football League, this should dispel them. Daniel Levy and Spurs are fully committed to growing the American football brand in the UK, starting with the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s permanent grass pitch under a retractable grass pitch, and the club’s agreement with the NFL to host a few regular season NFL games at the new stadium each season.

Now the club have gone all-in, releasing a fancy new Tottenham Hotspur NFL shirt made by Nike, featuring Harry Kane’s name and number in the Spurs club shop.

It makes sense. Kane is a HUGE fan of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to the point that he even named one of his dogs after Brady. We’ve seen Harry involved in plenty of NFL-related activities over the years, from pics working with the Seattle Seahawks on one of Spurs’ pre-season tours of America, to Kane hitting field goals. and throwing the pigskin. Kane even said he wanted to be an NFL kicker when he retires from football.

We have seen fictional NFL teams as football jerseys in the past and Premier League teams as NFL jerseys. Now Nike has made the latter a reality, and Spurs aren’t the only club – Nike have done the same for Chelsea and PSG.

The only sticking point: the price. Spurs are charging £95 for the Kane shirt – that’s a lot. To put it into context, that’s £30 more than an official replica home kit and £5 more than the Elite Spurs kits, which are meant to be exact replicas of what the players are wearing.

I have to say they’re pretty cool and I can see them being one thing, especially in the US market, that would appeal to the segment of Tottenham fans who are also big NFL fans, but I don’t know how many English Spurs fans would shell out that kind of money for something that might seem pretentious.

Would you buy one?


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