Chancellor picks up women’s pockets with £ 48bn budget raid, Labor says



Labor has accused the Chancellor of ‘picking women’s pockets’ with her budget, saying this would leave women with nearly £ 50 billion in a worse situation.

The House of Commons Library’s opposition analysis suggests that Rishi Sunak’s budget, combined with other recent political changes, will leave women £ 48 billion poorer.

Phantom equality secretary and party chair Anneliese Dodds called the results “outrageous.”

Women will bear 51% of the costs of reducing the triple lockdown of pensions to a double lock for one year from 2022/23, he said.

The £ 15.5 billion bill for the change will leave retired women an average of £ 2,500 worse than they would have been over the next five years, Labor has said.

An additional £ 161million will be deducted from women’s earnings after the decision to push the date for merging pension credit into housing benefits from April 2023 to the same month in 2025.

Ms Dodds said: ‘It is outrageous that this Conservative government is picking up women’s pockets at a time when so many are still picking up the pieces of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“What they got was a disconnected budget that cut taxes on banks, frequent travelers and champagne, but left women the worst £ 48 billion in the next six years.

“The lack of a proper equality impact assessment in this budget tells you everything you need to know about this government’s priorities. Among the Conservatives, equality is not one of them.

The party said the “budget raid” on women’s finances came at a time when women continue to struggle with the “extremely uneven impact” of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Women were more likely to be put on leave, more likely to lose income because of homeschooling, and more likely to work in industries that are expected to experience the slowest economic recovery after the crisis,” he said. said the Labor Party.



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