Candace Parker Wins Female Athlete of the Year Award, Stock Says Her Jersey


This roundup is brought to you by a wonderful stack of Trader Joe’s Peppermint JoJos and my 3pm onesie pajamas. I think I could go get something hot after that, and maybe take a nap. And you?

Queer like in F * ck You

Candace Parker was named AP Female Athlete of the Year for the second time. She said it best (and it ultimately inspired me to buy a fan-made CP3 t-shirt online, because enough is enough):

21 of the most popular LGBTQ news of 2021

I kind of felt like the audience for this one was straight guys (I guess we know that “queer sex is real sex” or otherwise wtf are we doing here?)

I saw that, I thought of you

The wild and strange story of eggnog

* Laugh in fatigue “All I want for Christmas is you” *

Mariah Carey’s 100 Greatest Songs

How the Met Museum justifies the looting. “The African origins The exhibition ignores the fact that around 160 objects from Benin are held by the museum as part of constant demands for their repatriation.

Do I have the impression that we know that? But I still enjoyed this comic, The Danger of Treating Body Parts Like Fast Fashion

I suspect this is relevant to many of our interests right now: Another Year in My Childhood Room (this is part of Nervous State: A Series about handling our most anxious year yet of The Cut. , which I really enjoyed)

Latinas are leading the big resignation – here’s why. “According to a report from UCLA’s Latino Policy & Politics Initiative, Latinas are leaving the workforce at higher rates than any other demographic.”

If you still have Sex and the city speech, maybe you would appreciate it with an unexpected Little woman Comparison? I promise it’s worth it: Sex and the City said it would represent friendship for men. He does not have

Speaking of Sarah Jessica Parker nostalgia, it’s awesome, even though he’s over a year old, of one of my favorite pop culture writers Hunter Harris for Vulture: A Long Talk with Sarah Jessica Parker In regards to The family stone. I literally just saw again The family stone last night then sipped Sleepytime tea under the sparkling Christmas nights and listened to an entire podcast on The family stone (brought to buy you many homosexual women).

This is where I am emotionally at the moment. Thank you for being a safe space of understanding.

Political snacks

Just let me flex on my home state once before the new year! “One of the most gerrymandered political maps in the country has suddenly been replaced by one of the fairest. Here is how Michigan did it. Ungerrymandered: Michigan maps, drawn independently, stage a fair fight

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