Beware of “cheap” NFL jersey websites


A Valley teenager says she fears the money she spent on a few NFL jerseys will be gone forever.

Sia Iongi’s dad hinted he really wanted an Arizona Cardinals jersey for Christmas.

“My dad is obsessed,” Sia says.

He already has the Cardinals jerseys, cap and cup but the jerseys are expensive so he never had one.

It’s something Sia tried to fix, after seeing an ad on Facebook for $30 swimsuits.

“There was like a lot of sharing on it,” she says. “It looked legit, it had NFL on it.”

She bought two shirts for her father with the money she received for Christmas.

An automated confirmation came saying she would receive an email with more information within 48 hours.

“Then a week went by, I was like ok, I got nothing,” she says.

She felt like something was wrong. So she warned me.

Sia purchased from

It says it’s the official NFL online store.

It’s not. is the official website of the NFL.

The two could be easily confused.

But there are ways to tell that this site is not the real one.

Besides the difference in web address, the website states that they “are from a different country and there may be foreign transaction fees.”

Then there is the writing.

The frequently asked questions section includes “if something goes well, we’ll ship it within two days” and “due to unforeseen circumstances, the weather will take a little longer”.

Then there is my favorite, “we will give you 10% discount if you pay it by Western Union. It can save you a lot of money.”

I am always suspicious of anyone asking to be wired money for payment.

Sia disputes the charges with her bank.

But she recently received an email with a tracking number and a link to what looks like a Chinese shipping company.

She is hopeful but she does not hold her breath.

“It was like a waste of $100 and I didn’t get his gifts, so it was like a bummer all around,” she says.

We have contacted the company but have not received a response and have not been able to confirm whether the company is real or not.

So before ordering anything online, check out the website.

Weird grammar, really low prices, no way to contact them directly, are signs you might want to skip.

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