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JERSEY capped off a perfect weekend of cricket with a 100 run win over Guernsey yesterday, to cement its position on the ICC Women’s T20 World Rankings and reclaim bragging rights between the islands.

Charlie Miles hit an unbeaten 78 at Grainville yesterday to help the Caesarians seal a shutout streak, having already won the Brooks Macdonald Inter-Island Cup with two wins from two on Saturday.

Jersey, which won by nine wickets and 62 runs in the first and second games, reached 155/3 from its 20 overs, before humbling its visitors – the defending champions, from 2019 – with a close display at the bowling.

“The girls put in three pretty clinical performances over the weekend,” Jersey Women head coach Lee Meloy said. “When we started, the focus was on ourselves and the performance we needed to get the wins, and several people stood up throughout the weekend. Winning as a team is always more enjoyable, with everyone contributing as they go.

A lot of time and effort went into this and it showed. They supported the efforts they made behind the scenes. As coaches we are keen to bring them in and improve their skills, but the players have to put in the effort. And they do. They have a lot of sessions at 6:30 on Friday mornings in the gym and we see the hard work starting to pay off.

Discussing the transition since that inter-island loss in 2019, Meloy added: “We’ve lost a lot of games to better opposition to us since then, but it’s put us in a good position.” Getting through these tough times makes us stronger as a team.

It was a steady start for Meloy’s side yesterday, with defensive play taking priority, and Maria Da Rocha dropping to an early Lbw, with just seven points on the board.

Captain Chloe Greechan joined Miles in the middle and did what good captains do; leading by example with a limit on the first ball she faced, on the long leg.

Had Guernsey’s line-up been more effective, Jersey could have struggled a number of times – and seen their tally drastically reduced. A bag of shots was either missed or returned slowly as the Sarnians opted to block with their feet, rather than drop low to recover with their hands.

As a result, Greechan and Miles were able to settle down and punish Guernsey with a collection of 4s and the occasional single. The wide tally also boosted their efforts – as was the case in Saturday’s second game, when ‘Ms Extras’ took the top score with 34.

The caesarean duo took Jersey’s tally past 50 in the ninth and Miles hit that mark herself in the 13th – two balls after a scare, when she skied a ball to the backspot. A more dynamic outfielder in this position would probably have taken the hold.

Greechan was fired in the 16th for 34, caught and beaten by Molly Robinson, but Analise Merritt (20) and Trinity Smith (6) came on to offer proper support for Miles as she moved on to register half the total of 155 jersey stitches. .

Guernsey scored four runs from the first two overs of their response as Greechan proved a threat with the ball in hand. The lawn bowling champion’s punctual deliveries gave flyhalf Philippa Stahelin and Fran Bulpitt little chance to attack and the latter was quickly dismissed. Her disappointed and prolonged ‘no’ cry, frustrated with herself, preempted an easy grab from Greechan.

Flo Copley, who took 2-10 in the second game on Saturday, then claimed two wickets on four balls – Stahelin and Hannah Eulenkamp – to reduce Guernsey to 5/3, before Emily Merrien suffered a bizarre stumping . She wandered casually out of her crease after an aerial shot, leaving her side on 9/4.

Bex Hubbard hit Guernsey’s first boundary in the seventh, but only thanks to a long-range missed field, and while the middle order was stubborn, they brought nothing significant to the scoreboard. Sarnians sat 31/5 midway through innings and point balls became frequent thereafter. Hubbard went 14th for 16 of 32 balls, leaving his total at 39/7, and only 14 more runs were added before the game was over.

Guernsey manager Ben Ferbrache said: “We played against a very good Jersey team there, who had just won an ICC tournament. [in Paris last month, versus France, Austria and Spain]. Did the same trip they did for three years, but ours is just beginning now.


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