8 Times The Real Housewives of New Jersey Made Housewives History


The Real Housewives of New Jersey was a essential part of the Housewives franchise since its debut in 2009. Fans immediately connected to the show’s intense showcase of family dynamics, surrounded by numerous arguments between each of the women with an Italian-American flair. Of the countless scandals that have erupted with some of the RHONJ castmates, there are plenty of on-screen moments that made enough history to last a lifetime.

We all love New Jersey women for their morals surrounding loyalty, honesty, and an emphasis on the importance of family. Without RHONJwe would be left without a surplus of icons Housewives moments that created one-of-a-kind reality TV moments. Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the times when RHONJ made the history of housewives.


8/8 When Teresa Giudice knocked over this table

Would this be a roundup of the most notable RHONJ moments without including the Season 1 table flip? Never: Teresa Giudice will always be associated with this reality TV gold. While discussing the contents of Danielle Staub’s book, Teresa got incredibly angry when he was told to “be careful”. Teresa then accused Danielle of being “engaged 19 times”, to which she then yelled “damn prostitution”, while turning the dinner table several times. Who knew that comment would become one of the most iconic moments of Housewives already?


7/8 Baby Joey’s christening got worse

It’s been a topic of discussion whether Teresa knew her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga would be joining the cast of RHONJ during the show’s second season. If they can ever agree on this fact of the matter, one thing was certain when Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, and his wife joined the cast: the show would never be the same. Viewers could never have anticipated the dynamic shift that would occur in the Season 3 premiere episode when Melissa joined the official cast.

During baby Joey’s christening celebration, an argument between Joe Gorga and Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice, quickly erupted. The two men went there, disrupting their entire family dynamic and leading to pure chaos in the party. Both men had to be restrained and a pool of dysfunctions engulfed the party. At the end of the argument, Joe Gorga was seen shouting and crying at his father.

6/8 Margaret Josephs and her husband threw another husband in the pool

During Season 9, the tension between Margaret Josephs and her husband Joe against Danielle’s husband, Marty, came to a head in episode 15. After a heated altercation between the two husbands, Margaret went for a walk to try to resolve human conflict. The fights didn’t end there, however, as in a quick moment Marty was pushed into the pool by Margaret and Joe. Seriously, they literally worked together to push Marty into the pool.

The icing on the cake, however, came when Margaret and Joe walked past Danielle, informing her that “your husbands in the pool.” Danielle quickly questioned the couple, asking “Who threw my husband in the pool?” to which Margaret replied, “Me and my husband.” We’re pretty sure this is the first (and only) time a husband and housewife duo have pushed another husband into the pool, and Margaret letting Danielle know exactly what happened was iconic. .

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5/8 The two Joes clashed (again)

We all know that the inter-family conflict between Teresa and Joe Gorga started long before they were both part of the RHONJ cast. The drama kicked in in the ugliest way possible during Season 5 when Teresa’s husband, Joe (what’s that everyone’s name being Joe on RHONJ?) and his brother had a physical altercation. Again, I’m not really sure we’ve seen two housewife husbands face off on the show, and it was a pretty ugly scene to watch.

4/8 Dolores Catania exposed Danielle’s lies

Another thing about RHONJ, you’re not lying about any of these housewife names. When Danielle told Teresa that Dolores said she “don’t care about anyone or anything more than money” during season 8, all hell broke loose. As Teresa’s longtime friend, Dolores didn’t appreciate anyone trying to interfere in their friendship, especially not with such ridiculous lies. When the season 8 ladies talked about it together at an event, Dolores was quick to let Danielle know that her behavior wasn’t going to fly. She rode in Danielle’s face to go on to say that she was a liar and that she “never said that”. She then uttered one of her classic lines, “Welcome, you bastard!” Don’t mess with it, Dolores, y’all.

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3/8 Teresa pushed Andy Cohen to the RHONJ Season 2 Reunion

I guess we can really count on Teresa to create the best reality TV moments. And for the first time, someone got physical with the one and only Andy Cohen. During the RHONJ Season 2 reunion, Teresa, Jacqueline and Danielle had a verbal argument. The topic of family came up when Danielle asked Teresa about her nephew, and if there’s one thing you know don’t raise in new jersey it’s family. Teresa let Danielle know too, when she jumped in her face to let her know, “Don’t raise my family!”

It is unknown where security was for the duration of this meeting, as Andy quickly attempted to remove Teresa from Danielle. As she still yelled at Danielle, Andy struggled to hold her back, with Teresa finally throwing him off her.

2/8 Cabo dinner from hell

When the cast of season 9 of RHONJ took a trip to Cabo, we’re sure everyone was planning for a relaxing time. This plan was quickly hijacked when this group of women sat down for a infamous dinner that will go down in history. Danielle (working as a friend of this season) and Margaret soon got into a verbal argument, during which Danielle raised Margaret’s children. She alleged that Margaret had never seen her children, or even had a relationship with them. Opting for the low blow against Margaret, Danielle took things to an unpleasant level when she continued to push the narrative that her children were not present in her life.

Margaret then threw a glass of wine at Danielle after she kept pestering the issue, which sparked the evening. Danielle began throwing glass and silverware everywhere, causing havoc among the women. Things went off the rails even further when Melissa and Jennifer Aydin interfered over miscommunication over who threw the glass. Dolores Catania continued to get in Jennifer’s face, all night being completely off balance.

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1/8 Danielle pulled Margaret’s ponytail (and Teresa approved her)

Once again, Danielle and Margaret got into it at a private shopping event in Season 10. The dispute went south when Danielle made a comment that Margaret had “dragged and ridden hard” the breasts, on which she poured a glass of liquid over her. head. She continued and ended up going behind Margaret to pull her ponytail, whipping her head back and dragging her along the way.

The real chaos erupted later in the season when Danielle revealed that the store owner encouraged her to pull her ponytail. The shock of the whole situation was that Teresa actually encouraged Danielle to do it, which was saved with audio and video from that day’s shoot. Danielle told Teresa that the landlord said she should pull her hair, to which she said “just do it”.


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